Time Motion Study

A time-motion study tool with measurement, result analysis graphs, and export tools.

Time-motion studies are an efficiency technique where the specific steps making up a task are measured individually, to help identify where the most time is being spent and the best opportunities to improve productivity. Motions may be as fine-grained as individual hand movements (lift tool, move tool to desk, lift work piece) or complete tasks (assemble unit, place in container, wrap for shipping) depending on the goals of your study. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_and_motion_study

Example use cases:
– Check where the most time is spent during product assembly to help design more efficient work areas
– Compare the performance of different workers, tools or methods
– Detail the time spent on tasks to help prepare cost estimates

– Share graphs via email/facebook/etc and export CSV files to load into Excel
– Define multiple studies with different motion lists
– Create as many tasks/motions as you like in each study
– Easy single tap to switch between different motions during measurement
– Toggle between measuring one motion at a time, or multiple concurrent motions

– Create your study using the menu on the Studies screen
– Tap the study name from the list to get to the measurement screen
– Define your motions using “Edit Motions” from the menu on the measurement screen
– Duplicate, rename or delete a study by pressing and holding the study name from the Studies screen
– To share your results in a CSV file to import into Excel, use “Share” from the measurement screen menu
– To share graphs, pull up the report from Measurements -> Analyze Results -> (report name), and use “Share” from the menu
– Go into system preferences (Studies -> Menu -> Preferences) to toggle between tracking one or multiple motions at a time
– To remove a bad result, pull up the result list (Measurements -> Menu -> View Results) and press and hold the result item

Install (from phone only)

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